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Window Cleaning Tips From The Experts

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Window cleaning is often overlooked when it comes to house cleaning but can be very beneficial, both aesthetically and finically. A recent study by Money magazine says, “Washing windows is the #1 presale improvement that generates the best return on investment as measured by a higher selling price.” We at Abc Window Cleaning Supply have compiled a bunch of help tips and professional techniques to help you in your pursuit of window cleaning!

There are a few things you may consider investing in to get the best results from your window cleaning efforts. Consider purchasing a squeegee to decrease water spots, window-cleaning solution to break up hard, stuck on dirt, and a washer to evenly spread the window cleaning solution on the windows. There are, however, feasible substitutions that will also work. For a squeegee, a possible substitution might be a face cloth. With that said, arguably, a squeegee is the most important tool to consider purchasing because it completely wipes off the water and dirt from the window, eliminating water spots that tend to linger with a face cloth. As for a solution, a substitution for a professional window cleaning solution is water with a little bit of soap. A face cloth can also be used as a washer to spread solution onto the windows, although if should be different from the cloth used as a squeegee. This method works perfectly well.  Other tools that you will need to effectively clean your windows are things such as a bucket to hold your solution and an extra towel to touch up the water left on the window frame, something that is very normal.

Once you have your tools for success, whatever they may be, the first step to cleaning your windows is to begin with a bucket of solution. Grab a towel, dip it in the solution and ring out the extra solution so that the towel does not drip. This is where a washer would be used to wet the windows. It is important, regardless of the tool, to squeeze out the excess solution. Be sure to wipe down the whole window and get ready to move quickly, you don’t want the solution to dry on the window. Although if it does, simply reapply your solution. Once the window is wet, wipe off with your squeegee.

There are many techniques to best wipe off the dirt and solution from the window, but one important professional tip is to dry a line down one side of the window. This technique is known as “cutting the edge.” It is important because it eliminates the squeegee from pulling water into the side of the window while you wipe across. Begin wiping the window from side to side; starting with the edge you “cut.” Another important tip is to angle your squeegee so that the top of the squeegee is pointing in the direction of your movement. Continue this motion all the way down the window, making sure to wipe off the squeegee in between each wipe across. If your window is higher up, consider wetting them down with a Swiffer. You can also add a pole to extend the height you are able to reach with your squeegee/washer. If this is still does not reach your windows, consider hiring a professional, as the use of ladders can turn unsafe very quickly.

There are a few do’s and don’ts that will help you successfully clean your windows. Always be sure to start at the top and work your way down. No matter your tool, make sure to reach the complete other side of the window when wiping solution off.  Try to add very little soap to your water, as bubbles on the window can be hard to get fully get off. There is no need to use a lot of solution, it is mostly there to break up any debris resting or stuck on your window. If your window-wetting tool is dripping, you are using far to much solution. The last thing to remember is not to press your squeegee to hard onto the window. To much pressure on the squeegee rubber can create uneven cleaning and create gaps of water left behind.

Window cleaning is an often forgotten art, but can prove to be very important for both the inside of your house, as well as the outside. All of the professional tools mentioned in this post can be purchased at If you have any questions on window cleaning or tools needed, please stop by our Facebook page and leave us a comment! Thank you to conscious cleaning for allowing us to write this post. Great to have another awesome friend in Colorado! We look forward to working with you al more in the future!